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Orlando Humor

Orlando Bloom - The Funny Years

Orlando Bloom - The Funny Years
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This community was made because the two moderators (Jayde and Dew, hello) were getting sick of all of the Live Journal communities that took everything so SERIOUSLY! Calling people names, yelling, getting defensive. It's the internet, it's supposed to be fun! So here are the rules:

1) You can post whatever you want, as long as it's about the beauty known as Orlando Bloom. Fiction and false conversations must be put in a cut tag. Pictures, icons, wallpaper...hell, post away. You can never have enough of him, right? Rumors, go ahead and post if you must, but please let people know that they are JUST rumors. The ONE thing that will not be allowed, ever, is any personal information someone might have about Orlando (address, phone number, etc...). That's just stalking.

2. No name calling. This is not kindergarten, we are not on the playground. It's ok to disagree with people, just do it with respect for everyone.

3. If you don't have a sense of humor, don't bother joining. If we decide to poke fun at each other, or even *gasp* Orlando himself, it's ok. It's all in good fun.

4. Some of the topics will be of the mature nature. We would prefer the members to be older, but we won't stop you. Just don't be all offended if you see the fuck word every now and then.

5. Lively discussion is encouraged. Childish arguing is not.

6. We do not encourage the posting of things like: "I hate that bitch Kate Bosworth. What a whore." That is name calling. That is childish. That is a no-no.

7. We reserve the right to ban anyone who pisses us off. Don't worry, we both have a rather open sense of humor. It takes a lot to piss us off. For advice on how to do just that, see the rules above.